Pegboard Nerds Debut Forthcoming Knife Party Collaboration

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The fresh Knife Party collaboration showcases their electro house vibes beautifully. In addition, Swire’s vocals have been altered to add the ever-present suspense until the killer drop gets unleashed.

Dedicated followers have been patiently anticipating more information, including the official track name and release date. In the meantime, we will all have to be satisfied with the clip.

Steve Aoki Teases New Collab with Tom Morello & Rise Against

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For all of you Aoki haters out there, we hope that this short glimpse changes your perspectives of the talented record producer; not many artists can even dream of working with some of the most well-respected musicians in the industry, let alone mesh their own skills perfectly with theirs. Props are in order – we can’t wait to hear the finished product.

An Artist has Been Uploading Unreleased Avicii Tracks as His Own & Fans Are Pissed

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Avicii’s army of dedicated followers is not taking this lightly. They have found his personal Instagram and YouTube channel – and let’s just say they aren’t hiding their true feelings on the unacceptable act.

We hope that this article sheds some extra light on the subject and that justice can be served. No one should ever take credit for other people’s hard work and/or creativity. Keep spreading the PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect) and the world will become a better place for all.

An artist is uploading aviciis unreleased songs as his own from r/avicii

A Partygoer Was Electrocuted to Death After Scaling a Stage In Brazil

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Singer Raniery Gomes told his band to stop playing as he tried to coax the man back down, over the microphone.

“Get down from there man. My brother be careful.”

With no luck, he then called out to security.

“Hey guys, there’s a man on top of here. Everyone’s going crazy with fear because he’s up there on top of the stage. Somebody please come and get him down from there.”

Almost instantly after, bright sparks flew and a burst of white lights accompanied by grisly buzzing and fizzing noises signaled that Guedes was a goner…

The audience was undoubtedly horrified as they screamed in fright and witnessed a white smoke cloud form above the stage.

“It was the most horrifying and scary thing to watch because we knew it was going to end in disaster. Goodness knows how he managed to get up there without anyone seeing.” – ONE  traumatized ATTENDEE STATED

What’s even more surprising than how the man managed to climb to the top of the stage, was the fact that the incident occurred during the first performance of the last night of the music festival – AKA Festa da Uva. One would think that the event’s security team would have been more attentive than the first day – knowing the venue, the style of the audience, among much more.

The local authority responsible for the event reinforced that all security procedures had been properly in place during the course of the festival, including that terrifying night. He followed by stating that he offers his condolences to the victim’s family.

Check Out Their Full Statement Below:

“The festival’s organizing committee laments the accident and has offered its support to the family. This place where the festival is held, Praça Pública, has always been used for this type of event and there have never been any problems of this nature before. We adopted all security measures and we regard this fatality as an isolated incident.”

Stay safe and make smart choices, concertgoers… you never know what may happen.