Nas – Made You Look (Drezo Remix)

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#8211; Made You Look (Drezo Remix)

It’s very safe to say that almost anything Drezo puts out is going to be fire. If you disagree with that previous statement, you might as well stop reading. But if you’re looking for deep, dark, and dirty house remix then look no further. He just delivered his latest remix. A darker house version of the classic hip hop track from Nas, ‘Made You Look.’

The groove Drezo has put together on this track is something seriously haunting. The lyrical flow of Nas already gives it an ominous set up and he brings it home with a unique industrial style that hits you right where it hurts. While your brain is scrambling to figure out what it’s hearing, we recommend you snag the free download. Or crank up the volume on the stream below and blow your speakers, because this one’s gonna scare some people. Enjoy!

Nas – Made You Look (Drezo Remix) | Free Download

Good Charlotte – Dance Floor Anthem (Willco Flip)

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illco is serving up another taste of nostalgic teenage angst with his new remix of Good Charlotte’sI Don’t Wanna Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem)’. The original by Good Charlotte was released in 2007 on their album Good Morning Revival. Willco is keen on his abilities to transform old hits into new and improved dance tracks, check out his remix of ‘Untouched’ by The Veronicas here.

Willco revived this track by adding elements that make it increasingly easy to dance and mosh to. The intro in itself has far more headbang worthy bass and drums than its original. This remix cannot be categorized into one genre, so naturally its hashtag on Soundcloud is: #Bad Charlotte. Give the remix a listen below, grab your skinny jeans and jump into the pit.