Beethoven – Fur Elise (Klutch Remix)

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Nora En Pure – ‘Don’t Look Back’ EP

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En Pure – Don’t Look Back EP

Attention Helvetic Nerds, Nora En Pure is back with her latest audible EP titled ‘Don’t Look Back’. She’s bringing all the summer vibes from beginning to end with this one. What’s more is she’s changing it up and giving us some future house! The EP is out now on Enormous Tunes.

This collection features three tracks distinct from each other in sound. ‘Don’t Look Back‘ opens with a symphony of strings, followed by a soothing male vocal and carried through by a funky bass line. You feel nothing but joy with this title track. Imagine the sun shining down on you walking along the beach with the breeze in your face. Instantly, your body grooves to the beat.

Branches’ is an active instrumental piece, lead by melodic piano chords and organic bird chirps. Incorporating a pumping bass line into the mix, feel the emotion of this one. It is elegant and powerful all at the same time.

Closing out with ‘Roots’, Nora once again draws inspiration from her South African heritage. She integrates an African vocal sample with luscious piano synthesized chords. The orchestral strings and her well-known deep house bass sound tie the piece together for a smooth ending.

Nora En Pure has played outstanding shows at past events like Splash House Palm SpringsMarquee Las Vegas and Mamby On The Beach Chicago. Don’t miss her current tour around North America. She is one you don’t want to miss out on seeing just once. She’s spreading her in-demand sound all over the globe! Her upcoming events include Panorama NYC, both weekends of Tomorrowland 2018 AND her debut UK festival at this year’s SW4 in August.

Check out her latest EP below. With work like this, we can’t wait for what’s coming next.

Nora En Pure – ‘Don’t Look Back’ EP | Buy/Stream


Eptic – Anti-Human EP

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; Anti-Human EP
Michael Bella, also known as Belgian electronic artist, Eptic, just released a four-track dubstep heavy EP ‘AntiHuman‘. It is appropriately named as the wobble sounds rattle your mind from ear to ear. Good dubstep is like a roller coaster every time- what comes next is always a surprise. The album is out now on Never Say Die Records.

Don’t let the infernal cover art deter you from diving into the depths of the sound. ‘Hold Me Back‘ starts off your journey into the abyss. As the chorus sings, you will want to be held back from the neck breaking ensuing from this track. Enjoy five minutes of syncopated 2-step drums and wobble bass in your face.

Sliding into the second track, ‘Watch Out‘ picks up the tempo, rounding out around 147-148 bpm. The beat incorporates trap here, DJ records scratch as you shake your head from side to side. Be sure to watch yourselves as the next song shows no signs of remorse.

No Mercy‘ is the third track of the EP. As you find yourself falling and then reaching the bottom, all the bass drops happen here. Once you land on the ground, it’s headbanging party time. Featured last on the album is Trampa’s remix of ‘Hold Me Back’, a trap remix designed to make children twerk, but grown-ups rage.

The mania began when Michael stayed at a friend’s place and came into contact with high powered nitro coffee. As anyone knows, this liquid fuels blood and lights you up with energy. All subatomic neutron particles in his body sent him into a 24-hour journey of insomnia. 16 cups later, a whole new world erupted for Eptic. After signing with British label, Chronos Records, he gained the support of artists like Doctor P, Bare Noize, Diesel, Tomba, and many more. He’s definitely causing some mayhem in the dub scene.

Stream the EP below and if you want to catch him live, purchase tickets for his North American Tour here.

Eptic – Anti-Human EP | Buy/Stream

BLAISE – Love The Way

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Mat Zo Releases First Track Off New EP Titled ‘Bad Posture’ [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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; Bad Posture

Our favorite electronic dance music producer, Mat Zo, is back with all new music just like he promised over Twitter! Over the weekend, he released a groovy track off of his Mad Zoo label and it is AMAZING. Titled ‘Bad Posture‘, this soulful house track is everything we know and love about good ol’ house music. It’s funky, it’s fresh. It’s the first song from his upcoming This Is a Mad Zoo House EP. 

As you listen, you’ll notice the key elements of a modern twist on late-’90s disco-house. Its bounce resembles the fine tunings of Daft Punk or some hip-hop beats. Intertwined within are captivating tidbits and chord progressions of electro house and, most importantly, funk. Each component provides a playful energy that you can imagine yourself walking down the street on a sunny day in LA to.

Zohar drew inspiration for this track from his girlfriend, as she kept telling him to sit straight while working in the studio. Not a bad idea because just look at what became of that sentiment. As one of dance music’s older producers, Zo definitely keeps the art of sampling alive and you can bet it’ll be in full swing on his entire EP.

By sticking to his roots, our favorite English producer exudes a renewed sense of vigor and passion, which is what makes his music so unique. We are excited about this forthcoming EP. If this track is any indication of the rest, it’s going to leave us wanting more for sure. We’re really glad you decided not to retire early, Mat! Where would we be without your guiding originality and persona?

The full This Is a Mad Zoo House EP will be released this Thursday, June 14. Stream the new track or download it for free below.

Mat Zo – Bad Posture | Free Download 


ZHU’s Blacklizt Surprise Set At Do LaB Stage Coachella 2018 Released

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when Coachella 2018 listed ‘Blacklizt‘ as one of the artists? Were you curious enough to check them out? Well, turns out that it happened to be arguably one of the greatest highlights of Weekend One. American electronic musician, ZHU, gave an incredible dark techno surprise set at the Do LaB stage. Boy, did he deliver.

Much to the pleasure of electronic music fans’ ears, this set is wild. We LOVE it. Tune in for an hour and half of mesmerizing techno. Characterized by a stripped-down aesthetic, the set exploits the use of repetition and understated development. Only what is essential to make people move is heard. ZHU has an art for making people move their bodies. Blacklizt speaks to their heart, mind and soul. This is a heart-felt techno sound, where the rolling bass drum sound drives the crowd.

Thank you Do LaB for recording the set in full audio quality and making it available for all to hear. The set has been formally released and is ready for entrancing replay after replay. Steven is an artist that examines human emotions and the millennial’s pursuit of purpose in life.

From his heartfelt mood and living pulse in ‘The Nightday‘ to the psychedelic journey of ‘Generationwhy‘,  Blacklizt presents itself as a fresh take on what dance music can range to be. A unique voice making a name for himself, our once phantom artist is taking the music world by storm. He is a fashion line, a live cinematic concert experience and much more.

Feeling his vibes? His full set from Do LaB is available below. If you find yourself in Palm Springs this weekend for Splash House 2018, be sure to check him out. He closes out Sunday at the Renaissance Hotel.

ZHU’s Blacklizt Surprise Set on the Do LaB Stage Weekend One 2018


WE ARE FURY – Killing Me Slow

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E FURY – Killing Me Slow

Canadian producers Joachim & Stuart, better known as WE ARE FURY, are definitely one duo you need to watch out for. They recently dropped a killer remix of ‘As We Fall’ to critical acclaim, garnering over a million plays. And now they’re releasing their latest trap creation, ‘Killing Me Slow‘.  Featuring pop vocals with their top notch trap beats ,WE ARE FURY creates an unusual but definitely enjoyable juxtaposition. They had this to say about the track:

“The song is about being stuck in a relationship where you give more than you receive and it begins to eat you up inside. We portrayed this in every aspect of the song including the production, lyrics and art.”

‘Killing Me Slow’ is nothing if not a cohesive work who’s message resonates throughout every element of the release. And with over 150k streams just a couple days after its release, you know you’re going to be hearing this track again this summer. Give it a listen and grab your copy as a free download in the link below.

WE ARE FURY – Killing Me Slow | Free Download

Sean Turk – Villains

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