Prince Woods – what i know (feat. ALICE K)

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e Woods – what i know (feat. ALICE K)

It is a beautiful Friday today and what could be better to freshen it up with than some new future bass. Today’s track, titled ‘what i know‘, comes to us courtesy of the new, up and coming duo made up of Josh McDaniels and Alexandre Zahrai, better known as Prince Woods. The duo calls upon McDaniels’ fellow University of Miami student Alice K to help out with the vocals and the end result is nothing short of wonderful. Alice K’s soothing vocals effortlessly flow over the song before breaking into that cool and collected drop.

There’s something about listening to this tune that gives you this overwhelming sense of wanderlust, as if you are looking for something. Regardless, it feels good to have discovered this track because it’s one with all the right vibes. Fortunately for us, this one is being released for free so if this song is up your alley you can snag your own copy below. If you are really a fan, make sure to follow Prince Woods on SoundCloud so you won’t miss out on any of their ear candy.

Prince Woods – what i know (feat. ALICE K) | Free Download

Jackal – Endorphins EP

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l – Endorphins EP

Endorphins are the chemicals in your body that interact with receptors in your brain to reduce pain or make you feel good. We feel these when we exercise, have sex (wink wink), or even when we hear good music. Which makes ‘Endorphins’ the perfect title for Jackal’s latest EP. Because it is stellar. The 4-track album pumps out those feel-good vibes so that you don’t only hear the music, you feel it.

Jackal is a seriously underrated producer as he has churned out some jaw-dropping hits. Including the very uniquely styled track, ‘Chinchilla’. This latest EP, however, is something very different. Not exactly what we’d expect from the young producer, but chocked full of low-key and chilled out, but still hard hitting vibes.

The EP kicks off with the future bass track, ‘With You’ that will reel you in with ease. While the following, more vocal track, ‘Summer in Your Arms’ featuring Josh Congress, will likely leave you an emotional wreck. Also, featured on the EP are vocalists, Anfa Rose and Foy to round out an astoundingly emotional album. You can stream or download the EP below and feel free to get up and dance as these tracks will have your endorphins flowing!

Jackal – Endorphins EP | Free Download