Sean Turk – Villains

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Teig – Come Correct

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– Come Correct

Teig has been slowly creeping up in the scene over the past six months. Piggybacking off of a string of popular free downloads, he’s back again with a brand new original. ‘Come Correct’ is a bass roller tune that packs a whole lot of drive with a lot of momentum.

The main vocal sample works its way into the mix as the primary foundation for the track. It helps build the energy level up until the drop, where a sub-heavy bass line explodes into action. A series of different bass line variations keep the energy moving while staying fresh throughout the entire arrangement. The track finally comes into the second breakdown where the vocal comes back in. The build brings the energy back up to the final drop. Overall, the track is restricted and impactful and perfect for any dance floor. This young producer has some serious talent, and we can not wait to see what the summer has in store for him.

Teig – Come Correct:

Magnificence & Steff Da Campo Release Latest EP ‘Out Of My Mind’

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& Steff Da Campo – Out of my Mind

One of three tracks from Dutch DJ/producer duo Magnificence alongside Steff Da Campo entitled ‘Out Of My Mind‘ is out now on Axtone Records. Axtone is excited to welcome the new Dutch duo to the label. Their production and DJ powerhouse are well in the making. Robin & Maurice prove never ending music versatility comes from changing the sound of house as we know it.

There is no greater honor or bigger debut for tracks than at Ultra Miami. Yet, getting all three dropped across the weekend by both Axwell/\Ingrosso and a reunited Swedish House Mafia is dream goals of the electronic dance music world. This bass heavy dance track will surely make you move.

Bass-house and groovy vibes fill this dance track. This record is a true festival anthem where the synthesized vocal loops for a classy touch that rapidly increases in power. It explodes into one of the freshest drops you will have heard in a while. The breakdown is a rapture of sounds perfectly meshed together. One goal is to bring even more energy to the second drop. There’s no doubt why both Axwell/\Ingrosso and SHM chose to drop it at Ultra.

Cobra’ is the first record of the EP, dropped two weeks ago on Axtone and for the first time at #ULTRA20. Exactly a week later, the second track ‘Fire’ with Seth Hills released. Today, their last one is out. ‘Out Of My Mind’ completes the Magnificence EP. For the cover art, the label showcases a new artist. Created by Quentin Deronzier, the image keeps to the Axtone universe theme while a uniquely placed crescent moon adds something extra.

With a solid live reputation and some big productions, this duo makes sure that the future is going to be Magnificence! Listen to the track below.

Magnificence & Steff Da Campo – Out of my Mind | Buy/Stream


ATLAST – Red Reverie EP

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ILLE. – Dancin

ANGELZ is a name that has been in our sights for quite some time. His high intensity grooves have gained in much recognition in the EDM scene, and he now seeks to pass the torch on to newcomer TREMILLE. Their recent collaboration, titled ‘Dancin’, packs a whole lot of punch.

The short and sweet arrangement gives little room for fluff. The intro builds right into an explosive first drop. A bouncy synth pluck provides much of the energy and groove throughout this section. A cheeky vocal sample gives the track just enough character to stand out in a set while carrying the energy during the breakdowns. During these breakdowns, the percussion is stripped away and lush piano chords. These chords provide some much-needed harmonies before launching back into the second drop.

Check out the tune below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

ANGELZ x TREMILLE. – Dancin: | Free Download

Zennik – Around You

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; Around You

Zennik is a name that is quickly rising through the underground scene, making a name for himself with high energy grooves and soothing deep house melodies. His latest release is a free download titled ‘Around You’, and it’s a pleasant mix of vocal chops and low-end energy.

Filled with summertime flavor, this track has some great musically and dazzling vocal chops. A gliding bass line is the main focus of this track, with a sparkling chord progression over the top to keep the melodics moving along. To bring it all together, this Zennik crafted a melodic vocal chop that is the cherry on top of the cake. The minimal approached to the percussions lends all the focus onto the synth lines.

Zennik – Around You:

Slander & SAYMYNAME – I Can’t Escape (Computa Reboot)

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SAYMYNAME – I Can’t Escape (Computa Reboot)

Computa is a dude who seems to have come out of nowhere. He has just a single release, his reboot of Slander & SAYMYNAME’s ‘I Can’t Escape’, on his SoundCloud page. It is no wonder why he is getting so much credit for this track; it’s pure fire.

The dynamics in this song are what make it stand out. The breakdowns and introduction are soft and laid back. They lull you into a false sense of security while the vocals drift over the top. The tune slowly adds momentum until it hits the drop, which is a massive wall of subsonic energy. The sound design of Computa comes to the front of the mix, and it hits you with gnarled and twisted synthesizers that are dance floor killers. The drop gets in and does its damage, before the soft swing of the breakdown takes the energy back down.

Slander & SAYMYNAME – I Can’t Escape (Computa Reboot):