Zennik & High Afferent – Vanilla Highway

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High Afferent – Vanilla Highway

Zennik and High Afferent are two names who have been slowly building momentum in the electronic music scene throughout Italy. Zennik premiered his debut single just over a month ago, and now is back with his follow up “Vanilla Highway”.

This deep and driving deep house tune shines through contrast. An impactful bass line ramps up the momentum throughout the tune while an ambient vocal line drifts its way over the top. The juxtaposition of these primary elements gives every section of the track its own unique chance to shine. An arpeggiated synth continues to flow in and out of the mix throughout the tune, giving the song an extra layer to make it shine.

Every element in this well crafted tune comes together perfectly to create a high intensity groove with great melodic content. We can’t wait to see what these two have for the near future.

Zennik & High Afferent – Vanilla Highway:

Wasback & Funkz – Purge

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Teig – Come Correct

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– Come Correct

Teig has been slowly creeping up in the scene over the past six months. Piggybacking off of a string of popular free downloads, he’s back again with a brand new original. ‘Come Correct’ is a bass roller tune that packs a whole lot of drive with a lot of momentum.

The main vocal sample works its way into the mix as the primary foundation for the track. It helps build the energy level up until the drop, where a sub-heavy bass line explodes into action. A series of different bass line variations keep the energy moving while staying fresh throughout the entire arrangement. The track finally comes into the second breakdown where the vocal comes back in. The build brings the energy back up to the final drop. Overall, the track is restricted and impactful and perfect for any dance floor. This young producer has some serious talent, and we can not wait to see what the summer has in store for him.

Teig – Come Correct:

Ookay – Wow! Cool Album!

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