Nora En Pure – Tears In Your Eyes

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En Pure – Tears In Your Eyes

You’ve likely experienced one of those moments, where you’re scrolling through playlists, looking for just the right track. Something that’s smooth yet upbeat. And chill, but could work for a dance party at the same time. Lucky for you, Nora En Pure released her latest track, ‘Tears In Your Eyes’ and it checks all of these boxes.

The up and coming house producer has released a series of stellar tracks over the last few months. This one has more of a soulful, introspective feel than her previous release, ‘Waves.’ But it is perfectly suitable for those days when you need some time to yourself. On the flip side, you could put this in your house playlist and turn up the volume and dance the night away. You can check out the stream or grab the download below. Keep an eye out for Nora as she hits the stage at Tomorrowland next month as she’s one artist you don’t want to miss!

Nora En Pure – Tears In Your Eyes | Download