[Interview] Just A Gent Talks Young Artists and New Track ‘Space Odyssey’

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The tour with San Holo must have been amazing and eye-opening, did anything surprise you about touring like that?

It certainly was eye opening. I had never done such a huge tour, I don’t think any of us had. I think the most surprising thing was how fast it went. We were just always so busy, either traveling or setting up for the show that time just flew by. Honestly, I can’t wait to do something like it again.

Favourite city or experience on the tour?

My favourite city on the tour would have to of been Denver. The show was just insane. The crowds seem to know all of the tracks and they all sang along and just had a great time. It was awesome.

The EDM scene in Australia has exploded into the international scene in the past few years with Flume, What So Not, Alison Wonderland and Slumberjack just to name a few. Have these artists influenced you in any way?

Oh for sure, they are all legends. I look up to all the artists you mentioned and a lot more of the talent Australia has to offer. There are so many artists doing new and exciting things here that it makes it hard not to be inspired.

You were discovered at such a young age, how has the support been for you coming into the scene?

I have always been really lucky and had so many people support me from the start. Especially my Mum and Dad, they came on tour with me and allowed me to tour from the age of 16 which definitely made my career happen. I also have always had a lot of support from blogs etc (ie. you guys <3) which made my life so much easier coming up really young. I had no money or resources early on so without the support from everyone I wouldn’t be able to do what I do today.

Why do you think artists are getting discovered younger and younger?

Kids have computers. It’s easier for them to download the trial of FL Studio than it is to go and buy a guitar. I think for a lot of young people, electronic music is just so exciting and easily accessible that it is just becoming the new norm. They just need headphones and a laptop and they could make music as good as anyone if they put the time in.

You worked with Thandi Phoenix before on the Like A Version ‘Day N Nite’ remix – how was the move to creating the original track ‘Space Odyssey’ with her?

Seamless, I love Thandi, she is an amazing person and so easy to work with. I also froth her style so it makes it easy when she sends back an amazing vocal take straight up haha.

This track feels a lot different than your EP, a lot more driving. Are you experimenting with different sounds and styles?

I’m always experimenting and playing around with new styles and sounds. This track though is actually more of the style I was making before Just A Gent. It’s an Ode to the old Jacob Grant days.

Any plans to make another EP or album as a followup to Stories to Tell?

Hell yeah, It’s currently in the works. I think it’s almost finished and I cannot wait for everyone to hear it. Definitely a mix of styles and sounds in this new one. I’ve spent almost 2 years developing it so hopefully it pays off.

What else is in the pipeline for you?

I would love to do a full album down the line somewhere, with a big tour to compliment it.

You are known for some iconic remixes, but if you could ask any artist for a remix of one of your tracks right now, who would you pick?

Oh damn this is a tough one. I reckon it would have to be Skrillex. That’s the dream.

Fatum – Mowgli

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Zennik & High Afferent – Vanilla Highway

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High Afferent – Vanilla Highway

Zennik and High Afferent are two names who have been slowly building momentum in the electronic music scene throughout Italy. Zennik premiered his debut single just over a month ago, and now is back with his follow up “Vanilla Highway”.

This deep and driving deep house tune shines through contrast. An impactful bass line ramps up the momentum throughout the tune while an ambient vocal line drifts its way over the top. The juxtaposition of these primary elements gives every section of the track its own unique chance to shine. An arpeggiated synth continues to flow in and out of the mix throughout the tune, giving the song an extra layer to make it shine.

Every element in this well crafted tune comes together perfectly to create a high intensity groove with great melodic content. We can’t wait to see what these two have for the near future.

Zennik & High Afferent – Vanilla Highway:

[WATCH] Relive EDC 2018 Sets In HD

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Green Velvet

Next up we have the Chicago native, Green Velvet. Velvet, was instrumental in bringing the spotlight back to Chicago in the early 90’s, and is one of the best House DJ-Producers out there. Velvet releases music under many different monikers, one of his best known being Cajmere, under which he released Coffee Pot (Percolator).


Dance music’s newest super group pulled no punches as they debuted at this years EDC, with a set consisting of nothing but new material. The group is a joint collaboration of the duos Dubvision and Firebeatz.

Don Diablo

Being one of dance music’s brightest stars, the Dutch superstar needs little to no introduction. The Future House aficionado absolutely smashes the dance-floor and is definitely worth checking out.


Up next we have the  Mad Decent label head, Diplo. Known for his impeccable track selection, numerous crossover tracks, and stellar productions, Diplo is one of the DJ’s who never Disappoints.

Alan Walker

The newest name on this list, Walker is best known for his 2015 hit, ‘Faded‘. Walker impressively blows expectations out of the water, and showcases the the talents that enabled him to close out kineticFIELD friday.


The Dutch DJ and record producer brings the heat once again, as he destroys EDC Vegas with a killer set.