Desert Hearts Gave NorCal A Taste Of Their Iconic Festival At First City Hearts Festival SF

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With three stages pumping heavy sound for eight hours, the groove was nonstop from noon to 9pm both inside and outside. Marbs, Mikey Lion, Andreas Henneberg, Porky and Lee Reynolds kept the booty-bumping house music beats on the outdoor stage flowing into the sunset with a crowd that never wavered. Local legends like Rachel Torro and Benjamin K kept the inside’s main stage high-energy as well – no matter where you turned, you were able to find a beat that would keep you moving.

Walking away from the event after hours of nonstop dancing left us fulfilled and thrilled to dive into the rest of the week – a similar feeling to one that we found ourselves loving after leaving Desert Hearts Festival. This taste of the fantastic culture and top-notch music that the festival has regularly given SoCal year after year was a much-needed home base for a day for all of our Northern California Desert Hearts fans. We can only hope the crew will be back again soon!