The EDM Community Reacts to the Shocking Loss of Avicii

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We lost an absolute legend today #RIPAvicii you’ll continue to live on forever in our hearts and through your music

— Cash Cash (@cashcash) April 20, 2018

Genuinely heartbroken about Avicii. Not just because I was a huge fan, and massively inspired by his work, or because he was such a genuinely nice person, but he was just 28.

He had a whole life left to make music for the world and all of a sudden it’s over 😔

RIP Tim Bergling

— Gareth Emery (@garethemery) April 20, 2018

No words can describe the sadness I’m feeling right now, hearing about Avicii passing away….💔
Thoughts go out to his family and friends…

— Zedd (@Zedd) April 20, 2018

Sadness has swept through our office at the news of @Avicii’s passing. A true talent and a source of joy and inspiration for everyone here at HQ. We’re virtually speechless but for now want to express our gratitude for his music and to say rest in peace, Avicii.

— Monstercat (@Monstercat) April 20, 2018

Hey Tim, I never got to meet you, but I wanted you to know that almost 11 years ago the first remix I ever did was of Seek Bromance. I remember watching all your music videos, interviews, etc. completely fascinated by the phenomena that was avicii. Thanks for inspiring us all.

— GASSED UP SHARK 🐍🦈 (@Jauzofficial) April 20, 2018

No words.

The one person who inspired me to start producing in the first place.

The movement you created is timeless and your legacy will live forever.

Rest In Peace, Tim. 🖤

— Sam Feldt 🌴 (@SamFeldtMusic) April 20, 2018

We are extremely saddened by the news of Avicii’s passing. Out of respect for him and his family, we have discontinued the live stream of ‘Armada Invites: KLASH Records’. Thank you for your understanding.

— Armada Music (@Armada) April 20, 2018

😥 Avicii

— Syn Cole (@SynColeOfficial) April 20, 2018

. @Avicii was talented and kind, and I was genuinely excited to see what would come next from him. His future most certainly should have been written beyond age 28. I am
Rest easy Tim.

— Kaskade (@kaskade) April 20, 2018

Such an eye opener for me. I was headed down a path very similar had I not made certain changes in my life. So, actually, thank you a lot Tim for helping me realize this. You’ve impacted my life in many more ways than you know. Thanks man.

— ookay ! (@Ookay) April 20, 2018

I cannot express enough that @Avicii revolutionized dance music, and effortlessly. An unparalleled writer and one of my biggest inspirations will be remembered and missed for centuries to come. We love you Tim.

— ▽ (@3LAU) April 20, 2018

I have no words.. RIP Tim

— Eric Prydz (@ericprydz) April 20, 2018

So heartbroken to hear about Avicii…his music heavily influenced my early sounds and millions of other musicians and music lovers. RIP.

— Pierce Fulton (@PierceFulton) April 20, 2018

RIP Avicii

— S̶N̶B̶R̶N̶ (@SNBRNMUSIC) April 20, 2018

What an extremely sad news! RIP Avicii!!

— Firebeatz (@Firebeatz) April 20, 2018

Devastating news about Avicii, a beautiful soul, passionate and extremely talented with so much more to do. My heart goes out to his family. God bless you Tim x

— Calvin Harris (@CalvinHarris) April 20, 2018

So sad to hear about Avicii. RIP

— Michael Woods (@MichaelWoods) April 20, 2018

I can't believe this, such a brilliant composer! #RIP #Bromance

— EDX (@edxMusic) April 20, 2018

I’m incredibly and utterly devastated…we lost one of the brightest music talents and genuinely just one of the nicest people I personally knew . RIP Tim, hope you are in better place now.

— ARTY (@arty_music) April 20, 2018

Damn Dude RIP #Avicii

— DJ Pauly D (@DJPaulyD) April 20, 2018

Just landed in the US and got the news that Avicii died. I hope this is’nt real. RIP #nowords

— Dannic (@dannic) April 20, 2018

my sincerest and most heartfelt condolences to the friends, fans and families of @Avicii 🙁 Banter aside, nobody can deny what he has accomplished and done for modern dance music and im very proud of him.

— Goat lord (@deadmau5) April 20, 2018

I would have enjoyed nothing more than ripping into Avicii well into and beyond our 60’s. taken away from us far too young. I know he’s at peace somewhere up there getting the last laugh that i spelled his name right this time.

— Goat lord (@deadmau5) April 20, 2018

We truly cannot fathom the gravity of the situation. His sudden death will impact the music industry for years to come. “Wake Me Up When It’s All Over” will never be interpreted the same way, after today. You will be missed and treasured forever. #RIPAvicii

Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE (Skrillex Remix Frontliner Bass Edit)

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ar – HUMBLE (Skrillex Remix Frontliner Bass Edit)

Oh snap Basscon heads! Dutch Hardstyle producer, Frontliner, just released his bass-heavy edit of Kendrick Lamar’sHUMBLE (Skrillex Remix)‘. After massive demand from Frontliner’s acolytes, this remix of a remix is here to blow your mind. He postponed his new solo track ‘Praise The Reversed Bass‘ just so he could debut this for you.

The “Melodyman” has always been a Kendrick fan and of the original song. However, when Skrillex released his remix, Frontliner jumped at the opportunity to add on to it. Combining his sublime melodies and intense basslines harmoniously, he continues to spread his unique sound.

The track starts off as normal with Kendrick’s rapping. Then a Tetris sound bit enters and the menacing bassline begins. A deep, hard-sounding kick drum builds with intensity and the drop hits you. Intense faded bass accompanies the beat as your head bangs to this chorus. Fists bump to the distorted horn sounds as the second verse comes in. Elements of Skrillex’s wobble bass interject at times and combine with the rhythm and groove of hardstyle.

Barry Drooger is no amateur to the genre. He takes you on a journey with this edit. Capping the track is the same hardstyle bass that gets you shufflin’, or “stampen” as the Dutch do. Recently Drooger released a sample of his lifework of bass drums and effect sounds. It’s been so influential that legendary EDM artists have started using them in their productions. 

Barry’s plans for the future are clear: steal people’s hearts through music all over the world and enjoy every moment of it. Get in on the hype and stream the track below!

Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE (Skrillex remix Frontliner Bass Edit)

[Premiere]: 8 Graves – SOS

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Alpha 9 – All We Need

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Hyperloop – Mentalizm EP

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Liquid Stranger teases Manic Focus’s Upcoming Remix Album

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Mind Against Remixed Track List:
1.) Drop In (feat. Marvel Years & Chris Karns) (SoDown Remix)
2.) Putting All of My People On Feat. Prob Cause (Liquid Stranger Remix)
3.) Joy In The Noise feat. Psalm One (Daily Bread Remix)
4.) Stochastic Resonance feat. Statik (Emancipator Remix)
5.) Snap Like This feat. Artifakts & Erick Jesus Coomes (Wick – It The Instigator Remix)
6.) Pushing feat Psymbionic (Rave Boar Remix)
7.) Rage Fits Perfect feat. The MFin’ Band (SunSquabi Remix)
8.) Habit feat. Russ Liquid & The Rapper Chicks (Megan Hamilton Remix)
9.) Stronger feat. Late Night Radio, Jennifer Hartswick, Adam Deitch (Cofresi Remix)
10.) Timeless feat Carlile (Edamame Remix)
11.) Sowing My Zone feat. Ryan Viser (GoodSex Remix)
12.) Your X Now feat. Exmag & Borahm Lee (LWKY Remix)
13.) *BONUS TRACK* – Pushing feat. Psymbionic (R34L Remix)

Manic Focus 2018 Tour Dates:
April 19 – Cavalier Theater – La Crosse, WI
April 20 – The Bourbon – Lincoln, NE
April 21 – Majestic Theatre – Madison, WI
April 27 – Shady Park – Tempe, AZ
May 11 – Central Park – Atlanta, GA
May 26 – Red Rocks Amphitheatre – Morrison, CO