Not Even EDM Is Safe From Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Who Is America?’

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tary Trolls The EDM Genre

In the latest episode of ‘Who Is America?’ Sacha Baron Cohen who has duped politicians and celebrities alike, is now trolling the electronic dance music genre. Cohen plays Ricky Sherman, a British convict who is getting a second chance after being released from prison on the fifth episode that aired this past Sunday on Showtime. Sherman heads to Miami as DJ Solitary and meets up with Jake Inphamous at the now closed Heart Nightclub.

DJ Solitary procedes to play Inphamous, a club promoter a track that involves a mash-up of sounds from a dinner tray being smashed against someone’s head, toilets being flushed, to people vomiting and someone being stabbed. In which Inphamous responds “I mean if it’s happening might as well capture it.”

The rest of the clip includes the club promoter absolutely loving DJ Solitary’s track calling it a “masterpiece” and even booking him at Sway, a club in Ft. Lauderdale. Dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit, Sherman takes the stage and begins playing his prison made music. Taking it one step further, in true Sacha Baron Cohen fashion, DJ Solitary gets on the mic and asks the club-goers “If you believe we should stop shaming murderers say yeah!” And wouldn’t you know it, an uproar of “yeah’s!!” are heard throughout Sway.

Who created the masterpiece of people throwing up and getting stabbed? Scottish producer Hudson Mohawke took to Twitter to let his fans know he produced the track played by DJ Solitary.

If you caught @SachaBaronCohen edm trolling episode last night I made the track lol

— Hudson Mohawke (@HudMo) August 13, 2018

This is certainly not the first and definitely won’t be the last of Sacha Baron Cohen pushing the envelope and duping people all over the world.

Catch the full clip below:



Mood of Mind – Episode 004

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Yotto – Hear Me Out

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Day For Night Festival Founder Omar Afra Dropped Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

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Many commentors are supportive of the decision but want the event to continue forward in the future. Afra released a statement on his personal Facebook page, apologizing to his family for his actions and calling the allegations against him a “coordinated attempt”. According to reports, two allegations against Afra were released publicly last Friday, one by  Amanda Hart. The full post can be read here. Hart posted on Facebook stating:

“I have personally seen him cultivate a toxic work environment where people are manipulated, mistreated and abused emotionally.”

The second allegation came from Phoenix Hamilton, a prospective festival worker. Hamilton explained in a Facebook post that Afra forcefully came onto her and repetitively kissed her. You can read her full post here. Currently, Afra his said to be in therapy and staying with his family. While he can no longer manage the festival, Afra is determined to “fight back against allegations that are patently false.”

Omar Afra’s Full Statement

“I can’t begin to say how saddened, shocked, and embarrassed I am for the developments over the last several days. This has been very heavy and traumatic to my wife and children and they have had to unfortunately endure the hurt here as well as the many death threats. In the recent years I have veered away from what I knew was right and caused pain to those around me including family and friends. I am most sorry to Andrea, a woman that has stood by me for 20 years now. Because of this, I have been in therapy for over a year and have been doing some real work on myself and trying to get back on the path of focusing on the real me; a man who loves his family and wants to do right by people.

In the best interest of Day for Night and Free Press and their respective stakeholders, I will be stepping down from my positions there. But I have no choice but to fight back against allegations that are patently false. It would do no justice to anyone for me to capitulate to lies and fabrications. There is so much more to know about this coordinated attempt but this is clearly not the forum to do so. If I am to move forward on a path of true integrity I need to apologize for what were bad decisions but fight falsehoods tooth and nail. Thank you to the many supporters and friends who have reached out publicly and privately. Thank you most to my wife, my mother, my sister, and other family and friends who have pledged their support during all of this.”

[LISTEN] CMC$ & GRX – X’s (feat. Icona Pop)

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Louis the Child & MAX – Dear Sense

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ld & MAX – Dear Sense

Louis the Child are champions of their feel-good whimsical flavor of dance-pop, enough so that their music has been featured in numerous nationally broadcasted commercials for a range of products. Their music sparks a child-like joy in the better of us, and their latest collaborative single with MAX, ‘Dear Sense’ sparks that same innocent bliss.

The track begins with a piano intro that resembles the iconic piano number of the Peanuts cartoons. And we can most definitely see Charlie Brown getting down to the groove in this one. The song immediately transcends into it’s punchy beat that keeps this bop going through ’til the very end. MAX’s crooning vocals are the cherry on top of a perfect collaboration between the trio. Prepare to have this one on an endless loop.

‘Dear Sense’ is infectious, quirky, and exactly what we all need on a Monday. It’s damn near impossible not to tap your foot or rock your shoulder to this catchy number so go ahead and let yourself go to this one.

Listen to ‘Dear Sense’ below and check out its namesake tour dates below.

Louis the Child & MAX – Dear Sense